Tanmay Bakshi, the 14-year-old genius of Indian origin who currently lives in Canada, is an Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Developer, Algorithmist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Champion for Cloud, YouTuber, Author and Keynote TEDx Speaker.

Tanmay started programming at a tender age of five. Undoubtedly, he is one among the youngest app developers of the world. His first iOS app, tTables, was accepted when he was nine, and since then he has created numerous iOS Apps like ‘I can, We can’, tGuess, tID Vault, etc. His algorithm which is named as AskTanmay is described as ‘the world’s first web-based NLQA System, built using IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities.

He has an innate passion to teach and share his knowledge with kids and novice developers to create their own solutions. He teaches subjects like programming, machine learning, AI, math, science, and IBM Watson. The YouTube series ‘Tanmay Teaches’ Watson made him the youngest IBM Watson developer. ‘The Cognitive Story, ‘another initiative close to his heart is aimed at helping people with disabilities to communicate with the world through neural networks and AI.

Tanmay Bakshi will speak at the Pre-event of TEDxChandigarh on 29th December, 2017 along with Harjit Singh. Don’t miss out this chance to meet this young genius, right here in Chandigarh – the City Beautiful!

This is an invite only event. The entry to the Pre-event is restricted to ticket-holders of TEDxChandigarh on 21st January 2018.