Amarpali Singh
Spoken Word Poet,

“Amarpali Singh a.k.a Amy is a Spoken Word Poet, Storyteller and an inspirational blogger who is also a relentless stargazer and hopelessly hopeful human. She is working closely with Kavitactic, a city based poetry club, to establish slam poetry culture in Chandigarh by conducting workshops and organizing open mic events. She is also a proud employee of Maropost Inc.

Amy sees some kind of magic and power in words. She believes that if constructed and spoken rightly, words are capable of saving lives and changing the world for good. Hence, she is often performing poetry in order to spread hope, telling stories that matter and questioning things that need probing.

Having struggled with her mother’s cancer in early teenage, Amy discovered a long-suffering compassion within her heart. She had to let go of her mom eventually but she never lost the cause. She is actively involved in fundraisers and awareness campaigns about Cancer. She has also been a survivor of an exceedingly abusive relationship and braved PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which has made her an activist of mental health, special kids and oppressed humans. However, her toughest battle has been carving her way out of a nearly fatal and traumatic brain injury.

Amy believes that there is a human dimension to every illness, loss and pain in our lives. Given the right amount of attention to it can help us all to heal better, live better and love better. Making peace with given pain can enable us to be better care-givers and change-makers.