Rubina Singh
(Pun)jabi, Human Rights Activist,

Rubina believes stories have the power to change the world. Whether they talk about pain, love, kindness, or laughter, stories can bring people together and make change happen. Her journey has weaved around the power of stories in various variations. What started from sharing stories of pain and power with Hollaback! Chandigarh, has now transitioned to stories of compassion and kindness with Dilli Heart. From written to verbal, from facilitation to theatre, from puns to puppetry – she continues to explore multiple mediums to talk about the stories that matter.

Rubina is also a true Punjabi at heart. Her unique sense(less) of humour has been appreciated globally in Chandigarh and surrounding areas. Apart from trying to be funny, Rubina is a human rights activist and an aspiring artivist. She has been working in the field of gender and youth rights since she graduated from law school in 2010. She has worked with a number of development sector organizations ranging from grassroots initiatives like Chhoti Si Asha, Chandigarh to international organizations like UNDP and Commonwealth Secretariat. She has played an active part in movements like Hollaback! Chandigarh and I Break My Silence which bring the stories of survivors of gender-based violence to the forefront.

Her recent shift in focus has been towards imbibing compassion, empathy, and peacebuilding processes in everyday lives through her initiative, Dilli Heart. Channelizing the power of stories, Dilli Heart is an attempt to reclaim kindness and empathy in New Delhi. The same power is the force behind Pinku and Friends, a virtual space for stories of humour and compassion through puppetry.