Somveer and Jaspal Singh
Founders, Pindfresh

Somveer and Jaspal are the Founders of Pindfresh, a hydroponics-based green company that offers solutions for growing vegetables and herbs without the use of soil. The father-son duo are urban farmers who have created systems for households and offices to grow their own food and live a healthy life.

Somveer is an engineer and an MBA graduate who has previously worked for over 8 years as a banker in New York. When his father, Jaspal fell sick, he came to the realisation of the life-threatening impact of pesticides in everyday life which led to the idea of growing home-made, healthy food using the techniques of Aquaponic- ultimately founding Pindfresh.

Jaspal is also an engineer and a retired Merchant Navy Officer who partakes in adventures- even going to Trinidad and Tobago to be a fisherman! In 40 years of his career in the Merchant Navy, he has travelled the world living in 5 of the world’s continents before settling at Pindfresh to practice the art of Aquaponics.

Meet the Ecopreneurs Somveer Singh Anand and Jaspal Singh Anand at TEDxChandigarh 2018 Conference and listen to their ‘idea worth spreading’ on January 21, 2018.